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Welcome to our collection, a tribute to the golden age of computing.

We focus on preserving and sharing the rich history of early computing innovations.

Our diverse array features pioneering microprocessors, iconic personal computers, vintage gaming consoles, and unique peripherals, each representing the ingenuity of a bygone era.

This endeavor involves in-depth research into each artifact’s development, creators, and societal impact. Through exhibitions, educational programs, and online resources, we aim to engage and enlighten the public about the technological journey that has shaped our world.

Each artifact showcased in our exhibit stems directly from Michele Perini's personal collection.

This meticulously curated array, sustained and enriched by Perini, unfolds a comprehensive narrative through the milestones of technological innovation.

Every piece, whether it's a ground-breaking microprocessor, an iconic personal computer, a classic gaming console, or a unique peripheral, stands as a reflection of Perini's commitment to preserving the intricate tapestry of early computing history.

This exhibit, more than just a display of technology, is a homage to the historical innovations that have sculpted today's technological landscape.

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